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 In God's Heart Gift Bag        Celebration  Bag


Make a Wish

     Thank You Baby                   

Wrapping Paper Collage Envelope       Zits Comic Strips Envelope

Nativity Scene Card

Noel Love Joy Peace

Thank You Blue Stripes

~All cards come with an envelope~
Please donate at least one dollar for each card you would like (1.50 outside U.S.) More is always appreciated!
About 75 cents goes towards the cost of materials and shipping (1.25 for international). The rest of your donation will benefit various charities. That means that you money will go to good causes such as:
-Orphanages in Peru, Mexico, and around the world
-Gifts and supplies for children in need

TO ORDER: First, make your donation using the handy PayPal button below. At the PayPal checkout, you will see a box that asks you to specify which item(s) you would like to purchase. If the shipping address is different than your personal address, please also include that in this message box. I will then send you a confirmation e-mail and send your order within seven days. Thank you for your business!