Saturday, October 23, 2010

God Can Do the Impossible

Do YOU believe that God can do the impossible? Be honest with yourself- it's okay if you are unsure right now. Think of something that you think may be too big for God to handle, write it down, and then pray about it. Sooner or later, you'll be surprised at how much our God can really do!

Can you think of a miracle that you witnessed in your lifetime? How about the miracle of salvation. Saving a lost soul is just one of the infinite amount of impossible things that God can do. Want to read about it? Visit my article here. You'll have to click on the picture of the newspaper and leaf through a few pages before you get there, but please enjoy all of the other articles from the latest issue of The Christian Journal! If you like this publication, PLEASE consider getting a subscription for you or your family. The Christian Journal is in financial need right now, so purchasing a subscription could really help them to stay afloat! Since we believe that our Father can do the impossible, we can all take part and show The Christian Journal that God can do the impossible by taking care of their money troubles!

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